Sparkling “Creuza de Mä” Wine – Terre di Levante Winery


Vitigni: Vermentino, Bosco, Albarola

Zona di produzione: Cinqueterre

Formato: 750ml

Gradazione alcolica: 12,5°


Description: Very pleasant sparkling meal wine, very fresh, summery. The sip is immediately satisfying. Dry, pleasant pseudo-caloric sensation, just enveloping and tactile, then above all savory and fresh. Elegant mouth aromas persist in its persistence, immediately enticing a new taste.

Vines: Vermentino, Bosco, Albarola 100%

Suggested pairings: Spaghtti with seafood, grilled prawns

Format: 750ml

Alcoholic strength: 12.5 °


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